Strategic communication and creative thinking are vital when it comes to establishing a clear voice in a complex, ever-changing environment. Together we plan your communication, develop the best strategy to deliver it to the right places and follow through with the execution.


You need to know where you‘re going, but also how to get there.

Corporate Strategy

A corporate strategy clearly defines the purpose and aim of a corporation or institution. This creates a criterion used to evaluate all decisions and measures taken to reach a certain goal.

Brand Strategy

Everything a company, institution or individual does forms part of the brand and impacts customer experience. By strategic branding we shape your image, voice and presence on all mediums; advertising, packaging, public relations, key messages in public communication. Everywhere your customer experiences you.

Communications Strategy

A communications strategy maps every stakeholder that you have to communicate with and details how the communication is to be managed. Whether it is media appearances, marketing or any published material issued from the company. A thorough communications strategy ensures that the message is always balanced and in harmony with the company’s mission.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis defines and categorises everyone you need to communicate with. It is used to plan ways and means of communication, describe which stakeholder must be especially regarded in each case, how and where to communicate with individual stakeholders.

Media Analysis

Media analysis is used to evaluate media coverage as well as the interplay between news and social media. Using proprietary analysis tools from our sister company dAton, we map the obstacles and opportunities facing our clients. dAton offers automatic monitoring, personalised data analytics, opinion polls and custom solutions. 


We utilise our comprehensive knowledge and market experience to analyse relevant data and information. We highlight the key aspects and evaluate how it can impact your company or how the information could prove useful in the future.


Creative thinking and strong fundamentals deliver tangible results.


Advertising based on high-quality branding, corporate strategy and communications strategy tells a story that affects the customer at the right place and the right time. Creative ideas are born that change lives and deliver real results. 

Public Relations

Strategic, inspiring communication through media outlets and social media platforms are a valuable tool in communication to the public and in taking charge of change. Public relations are based on the communications strategy and as a result they are always based on strong fundamentals. They serve to reach the appropriate goal and help us keep things under control.  


Good design in advertising, on billboards, in presentations, reports and wherever your logo appears is an important part of the communications strategy. Exceptional design and working methods contribute to the balancing and shaping of a company or an institution‘s appropriate image. Design is an integral part of the corporate strategy and serves to build trust and recognisability.

Direct Communication

Sometimes direct communication is the best way to set things in motion and provide specific stakeholders with tailored information. Our in-house knowledge and connections within Icelandic politics, public administration and the business sector can be of great use when conveying your message to the right people in the proper manner.

Video Production

Some things cannot be expressed through words alone. Video – short, long, in documentary format, performed, animated, on TV, in movie theatres or on social media – is an increasingly important medium. As a result we have always focused on offering high-end video production as part of our services. 


Sometimes a newspaper article, a podcast or a speech is the best way to communicate an idea. A concise piece of writing, serving a clear aim and based on thorough knowledge of the subject matter can both create a buzz and convince people to make the correct decision, as well as building a good reputation.


Great communication of great ideas creates better understanding.

Internal Communication

People working for a company or an institution should to be informed of its policy and operations and management should be informed on the views and well-being of their employees. This creates a mindset of a team where people feel they belong. Companies and institutions that focus on good in-house communication are more attractive to potential future employees, especially in a competitive market.

Media Relations

Strategic planning and follow up on media relations improves their quality. As the media landscape is constantly evolving it is vital to know the best way of direct communication and have appointed spokespersons, contacts and great connection with the major news sources.

Management Consulting

When dealing with complicated issues, having prepared answers, reactions and key points along with media training can be of vital importance. Specified consulting can be very useful in such cases but we also offer consulting to negotiation committees as well as negotiation techniques training.

Media Training

A well prepared public appearance can create opportunities and help to avoid problems in the communication process. Media training with experienced consultants is an essential preparation for media appearances, public events and meetings so nothing can put you off balance when you are in the spotlight.

Crisis Management

Efficient crisis management starts when everything is as it should be. When crisis occurs, it is crucial to have a clear reaction plan. We also provide fast and secure services when something sudden and unforeseeable occurs.  

Investor Relations

When building trust, market reputation and relationships, strong investor relations can be invaluable. When communication with the market is good, investors and executives can also serve as your most important ambassadors.  

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is done by combining the use of software and regular analysis. This is how we obtain a clear view of the scale of media coverage, estimate its impact and public reaction. Such insights are of great value when seeking to understand public discourse in real-time.  

Media Agency

Our media agency manages publication of advertising and marketing material in the media, on social media, in the public space or wherever it needs to be communicated. Our services are tailored to your communications strategy and target audience. 

Digital Communication

Web development, digital reports and digital representation of data can be of great value when expressing your message. Aton.JL offers web programming as well as various kinds of digital development, both independently and in cooperation with other specialists when needed, and ensures that a brand, a voice and a communications strategy are fully put into practice. 

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